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FootballPot.com Assets

Complete ownership FootballPot.com is privately held. Sale includes all applications, intellectual property, and data assets.
Custom Programming FootballPot.com features solid engineering (by "Interaria") with a clean, professional look:
  • XHTML coding, CSS development, PHP/MySQL Database - all thoroughly commented code
  • Tiny footprint - can operate on a dial-up connection
  • Look and feel is easily customizeable to your specifications
Web Hosting account Media Temple has provided superior service since day #1:
  • Dynamic server allocation - Web server resources adapt to user demand.

  • No service interruptions reported by users in ten years of operation

  • Complete array of Webmaster functions and reporting tools

  • Simple, proven site operates "hands-off" for only $20 per month

Complete User Help A robust compliment of user support functions is readily available from several locations:

  • "How do I...?" - Complete, stand-alone user guidance is available from all pages.

  • Help - available on all pages from the Menu Bar

  • Choose Action buttons - game board contextual help displays by hovering the cursor.

  • FAQs - available on all pages from the Menu Bar

Webmaster Functions Special login provides access to latest data base figures for:
  • All Users (breakouts for those signed up for "special offers")

  • All Pots (breakouts for open, closed, and locked pots)

  • Spam filter (no invitations allowed to these addresses)

  • Access to monitor the game board page of any pot created