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FootballPot.com is easy to expand far beyond playing on football scores. This lottery-type squares game is adaptable to an almost limitless variety of new games and regions, attracting new users who might not otherwise consider online gaming or wagering.

Users can apply this game to any event that generates an unpredictable two-digit result where both digits could be any value from 0 to 9:

  • * Basketball pots (works almost exactly the same as a football pot)

  • * NASCAR race pots (1st place vs. 2nd place car numbers)

  • * Baby birth pots (last digit of length vs. weight at birth)

  • * Stock market pots (last digit of Dow vs. S&P 500 at closing)

  • * Raffles of all kinds

  • Bowling league play or private parties

  • Australian League Football pots
    (season is counterpoint to US pro and college football)

  • Rugby pots (worldwide)
*    These games are fully explained in current user support content. Registered users have already successfully completed pots for these alternative games.

For more on alternative games, see How Do I...?:

 ... set up a basketball pot?
 ... set up a NASCAR pot?
 ... set up a baby pot?
 ... set up a market pot?
 ... set up a charity raffle?
 ... set up a bowling pot?