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"Hands Off Operation"

FootballPot.com is incredibly user-friendly and works extremely well with no regular maintenance or administrative intercession.

This PHP/MySQL data base-driven custom Web application requires no user software download, yet the proprietary code is so efficient it can actually run on a dial-up connection.

Some highlights of FootballPot.com's exceptional functionality:

  • Ad publishing bonanza - each pot generates a minimum of 300 page views

  • "Hands off" fully automated operation

  • Completely tested for functionality and usability

  • Complete, robust user help features


Users Gone Viral

FootballPot.com opened its first season with only minimal promotions in Aug. and Sept. of 2008.

All promotions ceased after Sept. 2008.

All user activity since Sept. 2008 is attributable to word-of-mouth and search engine results.

Practically support-free

Complete Help features ensure that FootballPot.com's user-friendly design requires only minimal support via email.

FootballPot.com's Webmaster received only 6 support requests over the entire 2008 NFL season (0.007% of all users) from pre-season through the Super Bowl.

Robust User Functions

Every effort has been made to make our proprietary application versatile and simple for users. However, Hosts are king at FootballPot.com. Hosts have complete control of their email lists and the pots they create and share.
  • Simple user account set up

  • Real time player square claiming with personalized icons

  • Bulk or individual entry to create player's lists and invite new players

  • Fully supported pot creation page

  • Host may limit number of squares a user may claim, either permanently or up to a certain date before the game.

  • One-click function to save and reuse customized game settings

  • One-click blast email invites authorized lists of players to a new pot

  • Automated email notifies players of posted game results; users are invited to login and view results

  • Host-to-user email functions allow custom messaging to:

    • Every address on a selected list of players' emails

    • All players who have claimed a square on a selected pot

Scrolling marquee

A scrolling marquee displays a series of messages on the Menu bar of every page. The marquee helps keep users updated with fresh content and makes it easy for the Webmaster to solicit user's attention.

Changing the scrolling marquee's text is as simple as editing a small text file.