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Massive Profit & Traffic Potential

Monetizing FootballPot.com by enabling online transactions (pay for squares and collect winnings online) offers some impressive potential:
REVENUES from FootballPot.com could easily exceed $400,000 per year

PLUS the profits from new accounts attracted to play your other games

YOU also takeover a huge advertising space you can use for self-promotion or revenue

Potential Usage and Revenue (in the USA)

With an almost limitless number of variables involved, it is impossible to ascertain the future performance of a new venture. However, in the simplified scenario shown below, our best estimates based on very conservative assumptions provide a compelling look at what is possible.

This scenario illustrates possible usage and revenue projections for FootballPot.com with online wagering attached:

36,168,000 Modest pool of potential players, based on the combined populations of 41 US cities which host an NFL &/or NBA team (total US "Sports Towns" Population)
3% Speculated participation rate for "Frequent Players." If this rate seems high, bear in mind this scenario does not take into consideration NFL post season play, 1,200+ college football games each season, alternative game events like "baby pots," and the impact of host Players using Facebook and other social media to attract other players.
3 Frequent Player game rate. Speculated number of pots played per year for a user to be considered a Frequent Player. Considering a 16-game NFL team schedule, this is very conservative.
1,085,040 Projected number of Frequent Players - 3% of the total US "Sports Towns" Population.
2.5 Player's number of squares per pot. Speculated average number of squares per pot claimed by a single Frequent Player - an estimate based on years of observation.
40 Average Players per pot. Projected average number of Players per pot - 100 squares / 2.5 avg. number of squares per Player. It is assumed that the greater the square price, the more players are needed to fill the board. This increases both total pot value and pageviews served.
315 Minimum pageviews served on a completed pot. Projected minimum number of pageviews served, per completed pot, at 40 players per pot.
81,378 Pots played per year by all Frequent Players. Projected minimum number of pots played per year by all Frequent Players, nationwide - 3 pots per Frequent Player x 1,085,040 Freq. Players / 40 Players per pot.
5 Add flat fee per pot to generate revenue. FootballPot.com has always been a free game. However, a new owner could charge a flat transaction fee per pot. Another approach could be to charge a $5 minimum or 1% of the total pot for any pot over $5 per square.
406,890 Minimum annual revenue from flat $5 per pot transaction fees for 81,378 pots.
25,634,070 Minimum number annual pageviews served to all Frequent Players in the US (315 pageviews x 81,378 pots).

Market Sources

Much of FootballPot.com's profit potential comes from its broad appeal:
  • Demographics

    • 45% of FootballPot.com's registered users are female

    • Registered players range in age between 18 and 84

    • Average age of all players is 39

  • US college and professional football fans number in tens of millions.
    Capturing just 1% of that market would mean hundreds of thousands of new users in the US alone.

  • An effort should be considered to expand FootballPot.com to target Australian Football League and rugby fans.
    This offers the perfect seasonal counterpoint to the NFL audience for year-round profit potential.

  • FootballPot.com may be played against various alternative events:

    • Basketball
    • Baby births

    • Bowling

    • NASCAR

    • Stock market closings

    • More (see here)


Revenue Sources

There are innumerable ways to monetize FootballPot.com.

* EXAMPLE: FootballPot.com could easily generate $400,000 per year in simple transaction administration fees while still remaining "free" to users because hosts could opt to collect and distribute winnings "by hand." (But of course they won't because it is far too much trouble and too limiting compared with online transactions.)

  • Administration - transaction fees per pot

  • Licensing the application to other gaming portals

  • Web Ad publishing

  • Affiliate accounts

  • Remember: Some player must win the pot. And those winnings will be waiting for that Player in an account from which the player can also play the other games featured in the owners' other portal(s).