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Executive Summary

  • FootballPot.com is designed to exploit social networking to generate profits and geometrically grow new accounts.

  • In 2008, FootballPot.com launched an online version of "football squares," a lottery-type game that has been popular for decades.
    (Players pick any of 100 squares from a grid. Winners are determined by a football score.)

  • Today FootballPot.com operates on a budget of $240 per year for Web hosting. Users process transactions "in person" only

  • Processing wagers and winnings online will trasform this domain into a new accounts dynamo and solid profit center.

  • The system works as a user "host" sets up a game (or "pot") and invites 20 - 100 contacts to join and play.

  • Satisfied players frequently choose to host their own games, inviting more players, and so on.

  • Each completed game generates at least 300 page views, offering significant potential for self-promotion or Web ad publishing.

  • Since Sept. 2008 all traffic to FootballPot.com is exclusively from word of mouth and search engine results.

  • 2009 - 2010 NFL Season: 363,359 pageviews; 32,760 sessions; 3,213 users - WITHOUT online transactions

  • FootballPot.com is incredibly stable, operating "hands off," with no down time reported from users since its inception.

  • FootballPot.com receives user support inquiries (email only) from only 0.007% of all users.

  • New users can easily be solicited among "footy" and rugby fans in Australia and around the world for year 'round profits.

  • Thematic variations can be implemented cost-effectively to target various demographics or alternative event play.


FootballPot.com and all its intellectual properties are available for sale to a single buyer.
To facilitate the sale, FootballPot.com will establish escrow services with escrow.com.

The buyer will immediately assume exclusive ownership rights and control over:

  • The FootballPot.com domain, blog and all related content

  • All FootballPot.com Web applications and data files

  • All FootballPot.com administrative user names and passwords

  • All FootballPot.com social networking accounts - YouTube and MySpace

  • Web hosting account - MediaTemple

We want a win-win transaction that is simple and fair.

Contact: admin@footballpot.com