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You Have The Key

Add FootballPot.com to your online gaming assets and enable it with online transcations.

Online transactions will rev this growth and profits engine up to full power!

FootballPot.com has proven to be a natural new accounts creator:
  • All users are attracted by word-of-mouth and search engines.

  • Only $5,000 has ever been spent on marketing - at its inception.

  • ZERO promotional money has been spent after September 2008.



In our opening season, mostly by word-of-mouth, this site generated:
  • 331,747 page views

  • 31,380 user sessions

  • 297 game pots


Phenomenal Viral Potential

Online transaction capability will increase user activity geometrically.

Adding online transactions to Footballpot.com will easily attract an incredible "viral" user base, with each pot encouraging satisfied players to host their own pots, inviting new players, etc., in a geometric expansion of new accounts.

The results of our own testing were substantiated by both unsolicited user comments as well as personal interviews with users:

Providing players with the ability to pay for squares and collect winnings via an electronic account would transform this popular "local" game into an international dynamo of new accounts, new games, and new profits.