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What is FootballPot.com?

FootballPot.com is home to a privately owned Web application that lets users join, share and play this enduringly popular game online.

For decades, football pots - or "squares" games have enjoyed broad appeal in US offices and neighborhood bars as a social leisure activity.

No other site has so completely converted this game for Internet play.

Now you can take this Web space to the next level.

FootballPot.com is easily the most accessible and professionally developed game of its kind.

It is easy to adopt as your own, and proof of concept is already complete!

Expand Gaming Audience With Social Networking

FootballPot.com can geometrically increase your user accounts.

Why? Simple. This very popular game works when a host invites between 20 and 100 friends, relatives, and co-workers to play on a simple and fun lottery game based on a football score or other event. Players enjoy this game so much that at least one player usually decides to host his or her own games, inviting a new group of players, and so on ...

Users engage the game by increasing your registered users.

And it's EASY! Carefully designed user controls and support features ensure that users stay on track of their latest hosted and joined games, and that taking the next action is user-intuitive.

MORE Than Just a New Game

Acquiring FootballPot.com offers you:
  • Geometrically expanding numbers of new customer accounts

  • New games that players are eager to play and share

  • Optional licensing to other portals

  • New profits from transaction fees and leasing contracts

  • Complete control of a busy new advertising space (minimum 300 page views per game to promote your other portal!)