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New Feature: Square Limits

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Sometimes a pot is so hot you have to ask people to take only few squares for awhile until everybody has had a chance to play.

If you are Hosting a family pot to see who gets grandma’s rocking chair, it’s probably best if cousin Wingnut doesn’t go in and claim all the squares for himself, right? What to do?

As of this month, when you first create a pot, you can choose a “Limits” link that displays a new page with two options:

  • Max. squares / player
  • Limit expires

I’ll bet you can guess you can guess what they do, but what the hey …

“Max. squares / player” lets the Host set a limit on the number of squares a player can claim.

“Limit expires” lets the Host choose a number of days before the event date when this squares limit expires. After that, it’s open season on squares.

The Host can still set a limit – and let it expire – even after players have already begun to choose squares.

As always, if you want more info on how this all works, you can find just the right topic in the “How do I…?” function. This one is a Host’s topic, cleverly named, ”How do I…limit player’s squares?”

New Feature: Host’s email

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Sometimes a Host really needs to get a message to players. Maybe there’s an issue with points settlement or how to collect winnings. Sometimes players need a little reminder that a deadline is fast approaching.

It has always been possible to send an email to players, but not necessarily very easy. Well, we’ve fixed that now.

As of this month, any Host can send a quick message to either of two groups of players:

  • All players who have claimed a square on a  pot
  • Everyone on a list of players

Sending a message pot players is accomplished with a link on the Host’s view of the pot page. Just below the playing board, a “Send email” link appears under the “Active Players” group of features. Click that and the rest is easy.

Sending a message to an entire a players list is accomplished by viewing the list. The system displays the emails of everyone on the list. Just below that listing appears the “Send email” link. Click that link and the rest is simple.

As usual, everything you need to know about these new features is explained in its own “How do I…?” topic: “How do I…email players?”

Now, if you want to remind everyone to wear the team’s colors to watch the game at Harry’s - it’s  snap!

A ‘FLEX’ pot = extra time

Sunday, September 14th, 2008
SO - you want to do a football pot, but you're not sure
how long it will take to fill all your squares. Maybe you are just
starting a group of players and you think you may need some extra

If you pick a game date too soon, you could end up with an unfinished
pot before game time - making settlement a pain. If you choose a
game date that is too late, players might lose interest waiting and
may not play on the next pot. - What to do? ~ FLEX pot!

Here's a great idea for creating a pot with a flexible game date,
suggested to us by one of our most prolific Hosts.

For Team Names, choose something like "Home" and "Visitors," or enter
your favorite team name and "Opponent." This way you are not
locked into a specific game. You can just use the next game
that comes up after all the squares are claimed and settlement is
completed. Now you've got a "FLEX" game. Just be sure and explain
this to players either privately or in your Comments field.
Of course, another solution is to do a stock market pot, effective on the
Friday after settlement is complete. But if you really want to do a
football pot for an uncertain date ... it's FLEX time!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Many thanks to "juicebot" who came up with a good solution for
creating a football pot when you aren't sure what game to play on.


$25 for playing a FREE game!

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Who knows how long this will last?

The race is on at, which is giving away $25 each to the first 100 people who complete a pot on this new, FREE squares game Web application.

If you’ve never used this site, you’re a little behind the curve, but you still have time. All you do is:

  • Register as a user (100% private, secure & free)
  • Create a pot – YOUR game, YOUR rules, YOUR way!
  • Create your own private list of player’s email addresses. (100% spam free – DEATH to spam!)
  • Invite your players w/a single click.
  • Sit back and watch your squares get filled.

You can even save your rules and email lists to use over & over again.

To get your $25, just git ‘er dun before 99 others beat you to it.

See all the details and find out how many $25 prizes are still available - CLICK HERE.

You can do a pot on all kinds of events:

Get going & GOOD LUCK!

Make a football pot into a baby pot

Monday, August 18th, 2008

If a branch of your family tree is expecting a new sprout soon, take the opportunity now to use to run a baby pot and put together a nice gift for the family.

Instead of Home and Visitor scores, your numbers should be determined by the first decimal digit in the new baby’s length (in centimeters) and weight (in kilograms).

Using both the metric system and the first digit after the decimal point helps ensure that the winning numbers could be anything between 0 & 9.

You might also use a 50-50 system, which is common when you Host a pot for a charity cause. Basically, the Host’s Share is equal to 50% of the pot, and goes to the family. The other 50% goes to the winner(s) of the pot. So, if the squares are 1 point each, the Host’s Share is 50 and the winner(s) get 50.

You can also spread the love around by choosing the “No teams” rule so that the winning numbers apply both ways (length/weight AND weight/length). This results in two pot winners unless the winning numbers are the same or “tied”.

There may be no end of the ways you can use this free Web gaming application!

set up a baby pot

set up a charity raffle